Helped Developed the original theme of the NFL Wheaties Boxes in the late 80s and early 90s, which was later sold to General Mills. 


Proven track record in developing an in depth marketing strategy that leverages brand recognition, product placement, and engages a brands demographics. 

                         Relationship Development Manager – California Center /Golden California Inc.

                        Jeff leads sales negotiations, marketing and merchandising services for California Center in the U.S. and comes to the team with over 30 years of experience in food brand                           marketing/distributing, specialty-advising consultation and as an expert supplier liaison. In 1984, Jeff entered the food industry as an independen [nfl2] t distributor for                               Pappy’s novelties, which was delivered to numerous chain stores throughout the U.S..   Jeff has worked to open up distribution channels in some of the largest and most                               reputable chain stores in the world, such as: Walgreens, Rite Aid, Savemart, Raley’s, and KMart.  Jeff was also a distributor for Harley-Davidson, Major League Baseball                                 (MLB), the National Football League (NFL) and numerous other well known companies and brands with global appeal. [jeff_clara_new_cropped]

Jeff, along with his wife Clara still handle distribution of products like Pappy’s and other products to over 3,700 Albertsons stores and have organized food shows

across the nation for over 20 years.   Jeff has unique marketing relationships that span deals with major sports/Olympic figures, political leaders, and celebrities

to do special promotions and marketing of/for popular food brands.

Jeff helped with marketing concepts for the likes of Ford Motor Company, Mack, Peterbilt Motors Company, Kenworth, and Star over the years, and was famously

involved in helping to design the concept for sports players on Wheaties brand cereal boxes as well as the Legends wine bottle for NFL Alumni.

Sales Expertise

Whether you have a product to bring to market, or you are a retailer looking for the very finest products the industry has to offer, you owe it to yourself to contact CJprodux, LLC and chat with us about your needs.

Our Mission

01.Broker Methodology

CJprodux, LLC is a food broker - the most cost effective way to get client products to market. Using the broker methodology, CJprodux, LLC will work with our clients to understand their business model, and then bring our wide variety of merchant outlets to bear on getting that product to the right market, in the right way, at just the right time, and we will build the distribution network to maximize sales for both our client products and our merchant partners.


02.Building Relationships

CJprodux, LLC is very selective with respect to our client products, and we work hard to bring the very best products available to market, protecting and building on the relationships we have with our merchants and protecting the market share concerns of our fine family of products.


03.We Know The Industry

CJprodux, LLC is a premier food broker,
with a top notch staff, and the right partners for the food industry! Whether you have a product to bring to market, or you are a retailer looking for the very finest products the industry has to offer, you owe it to yourself to contact CJ Produx, LLC and chat with us about your needs.

From start ups to existing established brands, CJ Produx leading sales initiatives, go to market strategies, and category positioning expertise demonstrates immediate brand growth.

Notable WORK

Comprehensive legal support you and your company can trust.


CJprodux, LLC is a collaborative effort of Jeff and Clara Pappas. Collectively the company founders have more than fifty years of experience in marketing and distributing fine food products, and enjoy a respected reputation in the industry. 

 Their long careers have enabled them to develop a wide network of contacts, clients and colleagues and the fine family of products they represent, and the merchants to which they distribute are able to reap the benefit of the CJprodux, LLC experience and industry insight.

About Us

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